The continuation of the EuroCC project – EuroCC 2 – has started

The first phase of the project -EuroCC- was implemented from 2020 to 2022, while EuroCC 2 is a sequential continuation of the project, or the second phase. When starting the EuroCC 2 project, the period of operation of which is 2023-2025, the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Competence Center in Latvia has set its main tasks to promote understanding of HPC, strengthen knowledge, and provide support when starting work with a supercomputer or HPC.

The EuroCC project “National Centers of Competence within EuroHPC (EuroCC)” was implemented within Horizon 2020, while the continuation of the project, or the second phase – EuroCC 2, is implemented within Digital Europe.

Annual Baltic HPC and Cloud conference and MOOC

In order to help entrepreneurs, representatives of state and local governmental institutions, and scientists start using the HPC, the EuroCC 2 project will continue the activities successfully started during the first phase of the project, as well as introduce new ones. It is planned to organize various regional seminars and business breakfasts for entrepreneurs several times a year. HPC training for beginners and advanced HPC users will continue.

Once a year – starting in the spring of 2024 – the Baltic HPC and Cloud conference will be held, where experts from the entire Baltic and other European countries will meet to share experience and knowledge about HPC, artificial intelligence, and other modern digital solutions. Also, during the EuroCC 2 project, an online training course (MOOC) on HPC and the Latvian HPC information network will be created.

Open HPC Week will be traditionally held at the end of June, where various informative and educational events will be held, with the aim of spreading the word about the advantages of supercomputers and sharing the success stories of existing supercomputer users, thus encouraging more and more new users to start using HPC.

The main tasks and objectives of the project

The mission of the EuroCC 2 project is to continue to develop a network of HPC competence centers in Europe to promote the use of HPC opportunities in higher education, research, public administration, and industry. Competence centers gather competencies, experience, and computing resources available in 33 European countries. It is an opportunity for Latvia to be and develop in a single space in the field of HPC together with other European countries.

On May 18 of this year, the Latvian Science Council supported the allocation of Latvian co-financing; thus, Latvia will also continue the work to develop the HPC field. The total funding of the project (of all participating countries) is 62 million euros, where Latvia’s share of funding is EUR 1 million (half of the funding is from the European HPC Joint Undertaking, which receives support from the Digital Europe Program, the other half is funded by the Latvian state).

In Latvia, the EuroCC 2 project is implemented by the RTU HPC Center and the Numerical Modeling Institute of the University of Latvia. The primary coordinator of the EuroCC 2 project is the HPC Center of the University of Stuttgart.

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