In cooperation with Latvia’s HPC Competence Center, three companies submit FF4EuroHPC projects

Three Latvian companies – CastPrint Ltd., Pelegrin Ltd., and Ardenis Ltd. in cooperation with Latvia’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) Competence Centre have submitted their applications for the FF4EuroHPC project call to foster innovation based on high-performance computing. 

FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that helps facilitate access to supercomputers and all high-performance computing (HPC)-related technologies for SMEs. The initiative encourages SMEs to develop work plans based on innovations driven by high-performance computing (HPC) services. The solutions presented must tackle the problems faced by European SMEs, having a preference towards engineer sciences and manufacturing or industries indicating clear signs towards economic growth or industries having a special impact on Europe’s economy.

The total funding allocated for projects FF4EuroHPC is 5 million euros, the maximum funding for one project is 200 000 euros. A total of 74 applications from 27 countries have been submitted and are currently being evaluated. The results are expected to be announced by the end of January 2022.

HPC competence centers are being established in Latvia and other European countries across the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 EuroCC project. The HPC Center of Riga Technical University in cooperation with the Institute of Numerical Modeling of the University of Latvia are part of this project. The aim of the competence centers established within the framework of the project is to create a one-stop HPC contact point – a single support structure to promote the use of HPC opportunities in higher education, research, public administration, and all types of businesses, including manufacturing.