Invitation for Kurzeme region SMEs and public administration to explore the possibilities of a supercomputer

How to save money and time by introducing supercomputers or High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources in everyday processes – SMEs from Kurzeme region and public administration will be able to find out at a business breakfast and seminar. Both events will occur on Wednesday, November 22, at Liepaja University (Grand Street 14, 327 th auditorium).

“A month ago, when we visited Zemgale businessmen and academics with HPC informative seminars, we ensured that the interest and desire to start using the supercomputer was high. This time, we’re visiting the Kurzeme SMEs and people from public administration. Let us provide practical information and share our experience so that the use of a supercomputer becomes as self-evident as computers that we’re using at home,” Ilmars Slaidins, head of the Latvian HPC Competence Centre “SuperS”.

At 10:00 a.m., Kurzeme SMEs are invited to the Business breakfast, where they will be able to learn how to perform complex computing tasks or simulations as much as 100 times faster and more accurately than it would be possible on a laptop. An artificial intelligence research, software development and design company from Ventspils – SIA “Asya” – will share the experience of facilitating the production processes of many other entrepreneurs through HPC infrastructure. For example, producing microphones or artificial intelligence using board scanners, analytical chemistry, voice, and video processing.

At 14:00, an HPC academic afternoon will be called on those working in the state and local government sector (including entrepreneurs and scientists) to find out in person how a supercomputer can help improve state and local government infrastructure. Deputy Executive Director of Ventspils City Council Egons Spalans will share their experience of the challenges of digital transformation faced by local governments and the solutions found in Ventspils. During the event, it will also be able to learn how HPC infrastructure solutions help successfully predict erosions from rivers and seas, including how Kurzeme’s seashore coast could change in the coming years.

At both HPC information events, Digital Accelerator of Latvia representative Roberts Gaizutis will present the proposed support to attract funding for digitalization projects offered to Latvian entrepreneurs by the European Digital Innovation Hubs.

Both business breakfast and academic afternoon are free for participants, but due to the limited number of seats, it is necessary to register in advance.

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The business breakfast and regional seminar in Kurzeme in the five regional events cycle is organized by the HPC competence Centre in Latvia “SuperS” within the framework of the EuroCC 2 project “National Centers of Competence within EuroHPC” (EuroCC 2) in co-operation with the European Digital Innovation Hubs, Digital Accelerator of Latvia, Liepaja University, RTU HPC Centre and the LU Institute of Numerical Modelling.