Latvian HPC Competence Centre on supercomputer applications for energy efficiency

High energy prices and a possible energy crisis in winter have prompted the Green and Smart Technology Cluster to organise a seminar for entrepreneurs in the Saldus region. The seminar will seek answers to the current question – what practical action would be the most appropriate in the energy crisis? Kārlis Muižnieks, an expert from the Latvian HPC (High-Performance Computing) Competence Centre, will give an informative presentation.

“Businesses can increase their competitiveness and save resources by taking advantage of the supercomputer’s extensive capabilities. European business as a whole is currently lagging far behind the US, China or Japan, which are a big step ahead in exploiting the possibilities of supercomputing. Therefore, in my presentation to the entrepreneurs in Saldus I will talk about the possibilities of using artificial intelligence to increase energy efficiency, as well as introduce in more detail what a supercomputer really is, how it works and how to use it in your business,” says Kārlis Muižnieks (University of Latvia), an expert at the Latvian HPC Competence Centre.

A supercomputer can also help to increase energy efficiency in our homes. How? Our expert will explain this in more detail in the seminar.

During his presentation, Kārlis Muižnieks will also introduce the wide possibilities of using a supercomputer, the EuroCC project and what steps entrepreneurs can take to try out a Latvian supercomputer in their company and eventually become independent users.

Program for the seminar

Article was prepared by Kintija Bulava, EuroCC Latvia