Find out about increasing competitiveness during the Business Breakfast for SMEs

During the Business Breakfast on June 27, participants will find out how the use of HPC resources could increase the competitiveness of companies on the local and international market, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency, what opportunities a supercomputer offers in general, and how to practically start working on it. In addition, participants will hear how supercomputers or High-Performance Computing (HPC) improves work efficiency and reduces the resources used and how Latvian and European entrepreneurs already use HPC.

The breakfast, which will be a part of the “Open HPC Week”, will take place on June 27 from 10:00 to 12:00. After the event, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Data Center to see what the largest HPC infrastructure in Latvia for academia looks like.

The event will take place in the RTU Science and Innovation Centre’s room, “The Moon” (Kipsalas Street 6A, 1st floor). Participation – free of charge. Please register beforehand.

!!! Please note that the event will be in Latvian.


  • 10:00


  • 10:30

    Why should we talk about supercomputers?

    Karlis Muiznieks, EuroCC-Latvia

  • 10:40

    A real life experience in using an HPC at Ltd. CastPrint

    Janis Olins, Ltd. CastPrint

  • 11:30


    What could be the following use cases for using the HPC?

  • Demonstration of the HPC

    A real-life demonstration of HPC cluster.

This is the third year that “Open HPC Week” is held in Latvia at the end of June. It is implemented with EuroHPC within the framework of the project “National Competence Centers EuroHPC” (EuroCC 2). The event is organized by the HPC competence center “SuperS” in cooperation with the Riga Technical University’s (RTU) HPC center and the Institute of Numerical Modeling of the University of Latvia (LU).

During the “Open HPC Week”, several informative events will take place: