Get to know what supercomputing has to offer during Open HPC Week

To do large-scale computing faster, more accurately, and more efficiently, these are the most important benefits of working on a supercomputer or High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. How to start using it – answers will be found at Open HPC Week events for entrepreneurs, representatives of state and local government institutions, scientists and university teachers.

Supercomputing, or HPC, is used globally to perform large-scale calculations and various types of simulations much faster, providing a much more efficient process than your PC allows. Supercomputing tools, for example, allow for simulation before starting production processes, thus saving resources, as HPC simulation enables the most appropriate solutions to raw materials or technological processes to be found.

To tell representatives of different fields more about the possibilities of a supercomputer, the HPC Competence Centre “SuperS”, in co-operation with the Riga Technical University (RTU) HPC Centre and the University of Latvia (LU) Institute of Numerical Modelling, organizes several informative events. We will start the informative week with a seminar directly from representatives of the European Digital Innovation centres (Latvian IT Cluster and Latvian Digital Accelerator), a business breakfast for SMEs, and an informative afternoon for public administration. During the World Congress of Latvian Scientists, the RTU HPC Centre, including representatives of the “SuperS” HPC Competence Centre, will present the scientists with examples of HPC solutions (28.06. at the National Library of Latvia from 11:00 to 16:00).

June 27, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., a “Business Breakfast” will be held for SMEs. During these, it will be possible to learn, in an informal context, how working on a supercomputer or HPC cluster can help to become more competitive and save resources. But on the afternoon of June 27, from 15:00 to 17:00, representatives of state and local government institutions were invited to the information event to learn how using HPC resources could make working in the public sector easier. Both events will also feature a demonstration of the HPC cluster to show practical examples from the life of how work on the supercomputer is going on.

In the interval between business breakfast and local government academic afternoon, there will be an opportunity for those interested to take a trip to the Data Center, where Latvian supercomputers are stored.

The event venue is RTU Science and Innovation Centre Hall, “the Moon” (Kipsala Street 6A, 2nd floor)—participation in the event – is free. To apply for events, you must register:

This is the third year that “Open HPC Week” is held in Latvia at the end of June. It is implemented with EuroHPC within the framework of the project “National Competence Centers EuroHPC” (EuroCC 2). The event is organized by the HPC competence center “SuperS” in cooperation with the Riga Technical University’s (RTU) HPC center and the Institute of Numerical Modeling of the University of Latvia (LU).