Call on Zemgale Regional Seminar: HPC possibilities for public administration

Could weeding be outsourced to a supercomputer-trained weeding machine for municipal grassland care? How can a supercomputer help monitor environmentally degrading buildings? How and why introduce digital twin models in municipal governance?

We invite you to participate in a regional seminar on using the High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster in public administration and regional economy on October 26 in Jelgava – Jelgava Palace, Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

The seminar will be able to explore the increase in the role of supercomputing players in European countries accumulated in the EuroHPC project “National Centers of Competence within EuroHPC (EuroCC 2)”, applied solutions for specific projects of public administration and businesses, expected benefits and ways to increase the efficiency of digital technology use.

Conduct of the event – in person. Working language – Latvian.

To participate, please register in advance with the

Number of seats is limited. Membership – free.