Open HPC Week 2022 gathers Latvian supercomputing enthusiasts and newcomers

Summer is traditionally a time for vacations and relaxation; however, High-Performance Computing (HPC) Competence Center “SuperS,” in cooperation with its partners, gathered industry representatives, scientists, and other interested parties to participate in “Open HPC Week 2022» at the end of June. This event was an opportunity for its participants to gain insights into the vast possibilities of high-performance computing (HPC).

Supercomputing is an effective way how large-scale calculations and various types of simulations can be carried out much faster, thus allowing processes to run much more efficiently than an everyday personal computer would allow. During this event, the benefits of using HPC were demonstrated with the help of various practical examples. For example, supercomputing can help save resources by finding the most suitable solutions for raw materials or technological processes with the use of HPC simulation. Jānis Oliņš, the representative of the company CastPrint, shared their experience of how the company uses HPC to produce 3D printed medical devices and how they achieved it by attracting a significant amount of funding in the research and innovation support program Horizon 2020 and EuroHPC project FF4EuroHPC. Arnis Lektauers explained the work of CoE RAISE where collaboration between partners from industry and academia allows to develop new technologies with the help of artificial intelligence and HPC.

During the event, various practical examples of HPC applications were demonstrated to industry representatives and those interested in the potential of supercomputing for research and academia. The participants had an opportunity to learn more about genome data network, HPC connection options, and HPC training platform, while getting acquainted with practical examples of the use of supercomputing applications in different fields.

Open HPC Week 2022 was organized by the HPC competence center in Latvia “SuperS” within the framework of the EuroHPC project “National Competence Centers EuroHPC” (EuroCC) in cooperation with the Riga Technical University’s HPC Center and the Institute of Numerical Modelling of the University of Latvia.