Learn more about supercomputing during the «Open HPC week» from 28th to 29th of June

HPC (High-Performance Computing) Competence Centre “SuperS” invites representatives from industry, academia, and other interested parties to take part in «Open HPC week 2022». The event will take part on June 28 and 29. 

Supercomputing or HPC is used all over the world to perform large-scale calculations and various types of simulations much faster, providing a much more efficient process than a personal computer. For example, with the help of supercomputing, it is possible to perform simulations before starting the production processes, thus saving resources, as HPC simulation allows to find the most suitable solutions for materials or technological processes.

This year, the «Open HPC week» will be held on-site – at RTU’s Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology” auditorium building “Domus Auditorialis” (8 Zundas krastmala). The event will be translated online via “Zoom” platform. The link will be sent to the registered participants choosing remote attendance. 

Registration is available here

On day one (June 28), industry representatives will be given different practical examples of the use of HPC, as well as informative presentations, therefore offering a possibility to find out the advantages and possibilities that HPC, artificial intelligence, as well as technological and environmental modelling can give. An industry representative “CastPrint” will share their experience as they got financing to improve of the quality of personalized medical auxiliary equipment (fixators) and reduce production time by using supercomputer calculations. 

On day 2 (June 29), we will look at supercomputing for research and academia. It will cover latest updates from the genomic data network, academic network in Latvia, as well as HPC access posibilities, HPC training platform opportunities, and several demo-case examples for using an HPC in different fields.

Full program of the event is available here.

The Open HPC week is organized by HPC Competence Centre in Latvia SuperS within the EuroCC project in collaboration with Riga Technical University’s HPC Centre and the Institute of Numerical Modelling of the University of Latvia.