Introduction of HPC to the Latvian Chamber of commerce and industry

Representatives of the HPC Competence Centre met with representatives of the Latvian Chamber of commerce and industry for a seminar on the 2nd of July, to discuss the topic “Solving industry problems using super computer and HPC technologies – examples and steps of implementation”.

The seminar is aimed towards companies that want to learn more about the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) in Latvia and worldwide and what they need to do to implement HPC technology in their business. HPC is the ability to process massive amounts of data and quickly perform complex calculations to solve big problems in science and business. The supercomputer is one of the best-known types of HPC solution that allows parallel processing: thousands of computer nodes work together to perform one or more simulation and computation tasks. In comparison, thousands of typical computers need to be combined to achieve similar results.

Computer-modeling, process optimization, large data processing and AI learning methots are instruments, that are receiving an increasingly important role in the daily activities of many companies. By using the opportunities presented by HPC technologies, companies can achieve high computing volumes and efficiency without investing heavily in their IT infrastructure.

Programme of the seminar:

  1. What is HPC? Infrasturcture and opportunities both in Latvia and globaly (Kristaps Bergfelds).
  2. Main areas of HPC: modeling, big data analysis and AI. Examples of HPC both in Latvia and globaly (Jānis Virbulis).
  3. What does it mean “working with HPC”? An example of working with HPC clusters (Kristaps Bergfelds).
  4. Services of the Latvian HPC Center “SuperS”. Open HPC week (Kārlis Muižnieks).

Learn more by watching the video recording of the seminar:

Video recording from the event