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Invitation for Kurzeme region SMEs and public administration to explore the possibilities of a supercomputer

How to save money and time by introducing supercomputers or High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources in everyday processes – SMEs from Kurzeme region and public administration will be able to find out at a business breakfast and seminar. Both events will occur on Wednesday, November 22, at Liepaja University (Grand Street 14, 327 th auditorium).

LU scientist tests OpenFOAM on Luxembourg supercomputer MeluXina

Kirils Suvorovs, senior expert and researcher at the Latvian HPC competence Centre “SuperS”, tested the scalability of the OpenFOAM programme by comparing examples to Latvian supercomputers and the Luxembourg supercomputer MeluXina, which is the 12 th most powerful supercomputer in the EU.

Company “Semantic Intelligence” trains AI algorithm on RTU supercomputer

Latvian company “Semantic Intelligence”, supported by the Latvian HPC competence Centre “SuperS”, introduced supercomputer or high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure into its company processes. The company trains an artificial intelligence algorithm on a Riga Technical University (RTU) supercomputer.

HPC business breakfast with Zemgale SME’s

Did you know that Jelgava is an innovative company that destroys weeds with a special machine trained on a supercomputer?

Try out the examples of Free Access HPC Calculations

EuroCC-Latvia explains the use of HPC on Latvian National Radio

The Open HPC Week 2023 has ended successfully